Grand Theft Auto

from by A.M.

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I wrote, recorded and uploaded this song today. I wrote this to the theme music of GTA IV.


As I spark up this J I put my mark on the page
Let my pen bleed ink as I let loose my rage
I set the, pad on fire with my rhymes of heat
Fuck that's the, 5th loose-leaf that I've burned this week
I'm full of, expensive lines and detrimental rhymes
When I grab the mic, people tend to lose minds
I'm dangerous, like old mines or fuckin' coal mines
Either way, when I blow up I crush and confine
They say the quiet dog bites hard, insane, I'm livin' proof
We all got an inner child, well mine's got anger issues too
The fact is I damage with ratchets I blast quick
You faggots are spastic stick fists in your asses
Now that's it, fuck that shit, eat a motherfuckin' cock-meat ass sandwich
You damn prick, lil' man-bitch, u'd make the 2 girls with 1 cup yell "damn thats sick"
When I flow I make the fuckin' dead rise from the grave
When u rap u make people aim a fuckin' 9 at their brain
I can silence a rave with my nihilistic ways
Start violence for days then I'll hide in a cave
The plan I create will leave masses enslaved
Make Bin Laden turn in his grave n feel ashamed
Fuckin' amateur, blowin' up a fuckin' buildin'
Bitch I'm goin' nuclear, blowin' up 6 billion
Fuck burners and knives I got bombs and landmines
C4 to destroy all homes and crash sites
I said I'm dangerous with the raps
I bring pain to all the wack
If u talk endless flows of cash
I'll stick you in a chemical bath
I'm endin' you fags, I'm at the fuckin' end of my patience
This the final chapter of the world-the days of revelations
All the bullshit in rap has started doin' damage to my soul
So when I drop my mixtape the whole planet'll explode


from The Exorcism of A​.​M., track released March 18, 2012
Lyrics Written by Aden Mendelsohn
Vocals Performed by Aden Mendelsohn
Produced and Composed by Michael Hunter
Instrumental Taken From GTA IV by Rockstar Games



all rights reserved


A.M. Falls Church, Virginia

I'm 16 years old and I rap and make music.

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